Unleash the Potential of Paid Social with Influencer Whitelisting

Target new audiences, track your ROI and amplify influencer content with paid media.

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What is Influencer Whitelisting?

Connect an influencer's profile to your Facebook Ad Account,

Run ads on Facebook & Instagram with the influencers identity.

Boost Your Social Ads with Influencers

Don't rely on discount codes that cut your profits or tracked links that get shared inconsistently. With influencer whitelisting, you can immediately see which influencer ads are performing and see the direct effect of influencers on your revenue. 

Track ROI for influencer campaigns

Transform high-performing content into high-converting social ads by whitelisting your influencer partners. Their organic content can only get so far, but paid social ads can help you reach the rest of their audience and spread your message quickly.

Boost organic influencer content that performs

Relying on keyword targeting for your Facebook and Instagram ads can be frustrating. With whitelisted influencers, you can reach their like-minded audience and find potential customers who already know about your brand. These engaged audiences from the influencers can help you make social ads with precise targeting.

Unlock New Audiences

Data-Driven Advertising

Reliable Metrics

Precision Ad Targeting

Ready-to-Convert Audiences

Reach 80-90% of the influencer's audience

Whitelisting an influencer allows you to boost their posts and create ads that don't feel like ads. Instead, these ads come from an authoritative influencer that the audience trusts. This user-generated buzz provides the social proof your brand needs to build trust, prove authenticity, and increase revenue.  

Create User-Generated Buzz Around Your Products

Authentic Social Proof

Boosted UGC

Earn 11x Higher Sales With Influencer Marketing

Why Brands & Agencies Love Carro

"We've seen incredible results using both Carro to find influential customers as well as collaborations to whitelist ads. Some of our whitelist campaigns have increased ROAS by over 35%!

Sarah G

Influencer Marketing Manager at MuteSix

““In times like these, where CPMs are already dropping, influencer audience’s through whitelisting an even cheaper way of reaching targeted consumers. On average we see a x1.5 - x3 improvement in performance when targeting influencer audiences.”

Nick Shakelford

Managing Partner at  Structured Social

"The ideal marriage between paid social and influencer marketing.

Darkposting ads with whitelisted influencers is the best way to warm traffic to your paid social without having to pay to acquire. 33% increase in ROI compared to typical prospecting. "

John Hagan

Director of Growth at PURELEI

How it Works

Partner with influencers who already love your brand. These influencers create amazing content that promotes your brand and products. Each post will appear on your Mentions page within Carro. 

Step one






Send a whitelist invitation to your favorite influencer partners through Carro. They'll be able to whitelist with just a few clicks, instead of all the back and forth that Facebook requires.

Step two

Boost influencer content and create ads within the Facebook Ads Manager. An influencer's profiles will appear as options within the ad creation process. 

Step three

Create Custom Audiences using influencer audiences within Facebook Audiences. You'll be able to target the influencer's followers and lookalikes of this audience with your paid social ads.

Step four

Track performance easily, so that you can easily see the ROI of your influencer marketing. With the Facebook Pixel, you'll be able to refine and optimize your influencer ads to get the best results and revenue. 

Step five 



All of them! You can whitelist any influencer that appears on your Mentions page within Carro. You can also send an invitation to any influencer if you have their username and email address. We'll keep track of all the invitations within your Carro Dashboard.

Which influencers can I whitelist?

No, influencers will not be able to see or access anything in your ad account. We recommend that you share previews of your ad content with the influencers so that they can see how their content is used.

Do influencers have access to my ad account?

Whitelisting allows the ads to appear from the influencer, rather than from your brand account. This creates social proof and trust for the content, as it comes from an influencer rather than a brand entity.

Why do I need to whitelist? Can't I just make my own ads with their content?

Whitelisting is an industry term that means the influencer has given permission to use their content. In this instance, the influencer has given permission for the brand to use their content in paid promotions. Some of these promotions will include ads, listing the influencer's display name at the top instead of the brand's. 

I'm confused, what is whitelisting?