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Improve brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive your brand's message with influencers that matter. 

Discover authentic influencers 

Discovering influencers that align with your brand can be difficult. Carro makes this discovery process exceptionally easy. With just a few clicks, you can discover and track the most relevant influencers and press that have been identified specifically for your brand.

Real Influencers
Press Opportunities

Connect on aligned values

Connect over shared values. Influencer outreach is tedious and time consuming. Knowing how and when to connect with creators is essential for running any successful campaign. Carro's influencer marketing platforms simplifies the process so that brands and creators can make connections that are meaningful and mutually beneficial.

Aligned Values
Mutual Benefit

Collaborate easily with creators

Managing multiple influencers and campaigns at once can turn into a spreadsheet nightmare. Carro removes the complexity out of managing influencers and content creation, while simultaneously taking the guesswork out of your campaign performance.

Campaign Management

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Why Brands Love Carro

"Carro has made finding the perfect influencers easy and user-friendly. Knowing these influencers are people who are already connected to our brand, makes building relationships more authentic than any other platform we've tested. User for life!" 

McKenzie Bauer

CMO of Thread Wallets

“Carro makes influencer marketing genuine by starting with a foundation of existing brand affinity. This creates instant recognition upon outreach, and takes the guesswork out of which influencers can speak from the heart.”

Diana Chaplin

CMO of One Tree Planted

"As a smaller business, it's crucial to place our marketing efforts where they count and authenticity is important to us. Carro has allowed us to connect with influencers who truly love our brand who would've gone unnoticed otherwise."

Veronica Deluca

Founder of CüffBaby

How It Works




Install Carro and connect your data sources.

Carro scans for influencers most relevant to your brand.

You're notified as soon as influencers are found!


How much does Carro cost?

FREE! There's no charge to use Carro! We're a venture-backed company focused on growth and our merchant's success. We have plans to release new paid features in the future to benefit our users even more.

How do you treat my data? Is it secure?

We use 3rd party professional data protection technology to protect our data and the data we receive from our brands.

How do you find influencers?

Carro takes a look at the data sources that you provide to us and surfaces the influencers that love your brand. Influencers are able to sign up directly with Carro and have been doing so since we started our company.

How do you define an influencer?

Currently, we define an influencer as someone with 5,000 or more followers on 1 or more social networks.